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Lounge Loungy
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Благодарностей: 18

Точный жанр, формат, год выпуска: Downtempo, Chillout, Lounge, 2015, MP3
Разместил: Admin
Качество музыки: 320 Kbps
Тип записи: Tracks
Композиций (треков, песен): 30
Продолжительность: 02:28:40
Просмотрено: 13668 раз

01. Vivian Holmes - Gentleman [03:25]
02. Jess & Jess - Ventura [05:58]
03. Double Go - Well & Ness [03:48]
04. So Phistry - Lounge Me [05:12]
05. Delfina Deines - Vanity Line [05:42]
06. Roxano de Santiago - La Isla [05:56]
07. Monroe Days - A Gentle Wind [05:47]
08. Alice Shelton - Jumping Lounge [03:05]
09. Emma Luna - Lunas [03:40]
10. Shanell Souza - Le bleu [03:46]
11. Will Fishman - Jazz-Johnny [03:15]
12. Jess & Jess - 4 Seasons [05:34]
13. Daki 2000 - Alyssum [05:24]
14. Light in Color - Vino Joven [05:48]
15. Claudia Hunt - Little Sorrow [05:59]
16. Glady Gowans - Playing Around [03:36]
17. Mike Warren - Gentle Stream [05:45]
18. Jasmine Lulu - Daisy Lazy [03:40]
19. Jess & Jess - Cute [05:44]
20. So Phistry - Floating Elements [05:24]
21. Daki 2000 - 1000 Colors [05:56]
22. Delfina Deines - Amusing [05:08]
23. Monroe Days - Balminess [05:42]
24. Light in Color - Double Waves [06:24]
25. Double Go - Hermetic Vibes [06:02]
26. Claudia Hunt - Fatal Attraction [05:21]
27. So Phistry - Intuitional [06:01]
28. Daki 2000 - Helios [05:28]
29. Light in Color - Leaving [03:13]
30. Jess & Jess - Beach Lane [03:10]

Размер файлов: 344,97 Mb
Скачано (раз): 1600
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