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Раздел сайта: Еще музыка / Дискографии
Точный жанр, формат, год выпуска: Hard Rock, 2015, MP3
Разместил: Admin
Качество музыки: 320 Kbps
Композиций (треков, песен): 143
Продолжительность: 10:16:44
Просмотрено: 15865 раз

Disc I
01. Blackout
02. Raised On Rock
03. In Trance
04. Rhythm Of Love
05. Rock You Like A Hurricane
06. Always Somewhere
07. No One Like You
08. Wind Of Change
09. Big City Nights
10. Holiday
11. The Zoo
12. Still Loving You
13. When The Smoke Is Going Down
14. You And I
15. Send Me An Angel
16. Humanity

Disc II

01. Alien Nation
02. Bad Boys Running Wild
03. Loving You Sunday Morning
04. Pictured Lirfe
05. Tease Me Please Me
06. Can't Live Without You
07. Don't Believe Her
08. The Game Of Life
09. We Were Born To Fly
10. The Good Die Young
11. Under The Same Sun
12. Dynamite
13. Lorelei
14. Hit Between The Eyes
15. Believe In Love
16. Lonely Nights
17. The Best Is Yet To Come

Disc III

01. Dark Lady
02. Make It Real
03. Speedy's Coming
04. Catch Your Train
05. No Pain No Gain
06. Sting In The Tail
07. I'm Leaving You
08. Passion Rules The Game
09. To Be With You In Heaven
10. Coast To Coast
11. Coming Home
12. The Future Never Dies
13. Lady Starlight
14. Maybe I Maybe You
15. Robot Man
16. Love Will Keep Us Alive
17. Lovedrive
18. When You Came Into My Life

Disc IV

01. Another Piece Of Meat
02. We'll Burn The Sky
03. Slave Me
04. Top Of The Bill
05. You Give Me All I Need
06. No Limit
07. Restless Nights
08. Virgin Killer
09. 321
10. Lust Or Love
11. Kicks After Six
12. Born To Touch Your Feelings
13. Crossfire
14. We Will Rise Again
15. Your Last Song
16. Crazy World
17. Love Is War
18. SLY

Disc V

01. Steamrock Fever
02. Life's Like A River
03. Backstage Queen
04. Fly People Fly
05. Living And Dying
06. The Sails Of Charon
07. Is There Anybody There
08. Rock Zone
09. Woman
10. Arizona
11. As Soon As The Good Times Roll
12. Fly To The Rainbow
13. China White
14. Turn You On
15. Money And Fame
16. Love Of My Life
17. A Moment In A Million Years

Disc VI - Covers

01. White Dove (Omega)
02. You Are The Champion (Queen)
03. Ave Maria No Morro (Herivelto Martins)
04. I Can't Explain (The Who)
05. Hound Dog (Big Mama Thornton)
06. Long Tall Sally (Little Richard)
07. Dust In The Wind (Kansas)
08. Here In My Heart (Tiffany)
09. The Temple Of The King (Rainbow)
10. Kojo No Tsuki (Rentaro Taki)
11. Tainted Love (Gloria Jones)
12. Children Of The Revolution (T. Rex)
13. Across The Universe (The Beatles)
14. Tin Soldier (Small Faces)
15. All Day And All Of The Night (The Kinks)
16. His Latest Flame (Elvis Presley)
17. Love Of My Life (Queen)
18. Drive (The Cars)
19. Ruby Tuesday (The Rolling Stones)
20. Shapes Of Things (The Yardbirds)

Disc VII - Rare Songs

01. Kiss Of Borrowed Time (from the 'When You Came Into My Life' single)
02. Partners In Crime (from the 'Under the Same Sun' maxi-single)
03. Rubber Fucker (from the 'Alien Nation' maxi-single)
04. Mind Power (from the 'To Be No.1' single)
05. Suspender Love (bonus track taken from 'Taken by Force' album)
06. Hey You (bonus track taken from 'Animal Magnetism' album)
07. Living For Tomorrow (from the 'Still Loving You' compilation)
08. Daddy's Girl (bonus track taken from 'Face the Heat' album)
09. Heroes Don't Cry (bonus track taken from 'Live Bites' album)
10. Love Is Blind (from the 'Best' compilation)
11. Edge Of Time (from the 'Deadly Sting' compilation)
12. Miracle (bonus track taken from 'Miracle' single)
13. Still Loving You - Je T'aime Encore (bonus track taken from 'Comeblack' album)
14. Over The Top (from the 'Deadly Sting' compilation)
15. The Good Die Young (alt. version with co-lead vocals by Tarja Turunen)
16. Cause I Love You (from the 'Bad for Good' compilation)
17. Life Goes Around (from the 'Deadly Sting' compilation)
18. Bad For Good (from the 'Bad for Good' compilation)

Disc VIII - Tribute

01. Helloween - He's A Woman, She's A Man
02. Kelly Hansen - Here I Am (Rock You Like A Hurricane)
03. Uli Jon Roth - Catch Your Train
04. John Parr - Passion Rules The Game
05. Michael Voss of MAD MAX - Loving You Sunday Morning
06. Sonata Arctica - Still Loving You
07. Stratovarius - Blackout
08. Uli Jon Roth - In Trance
09. Uli Jon Roth - Pictured Life
10. Doogie White of RAINBOW - Make It Real
11. Jizzy Pearl - No One Like You
12. Agent Steel - Dark Lady
13. Joe Leste - The Zoo
14. Johnny Gioeli of AXEL RUDI PELL - Dynamite
15. Tankard - Coming Home
16. Disbelief - Coast To Coast
17. Paul Shortino - Holiday
18. Seven Witches - Alien Nation
19. Custard - Send Me An Angel

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