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The Italo Decade Vol. 5 (The Next Generation)
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The Italo Decade Vol. 5 (The Next Generation) Сборник скачать торрент

Благодарностей: 3

Точный жанр, формат, год выпуска: Italodisco, Eurodisco, 2015, MP3, Hi NRG
Разместил: born_sc
Качество музыки: 320 Kbps
Композиций (треков, песен): 25
Продолжительность: 01:13:12
Просмотрено: 3521 раз

01. Dyva - Harsh Wind (Duro Mix)
02. Dyva - I Know (Extended Version)
03. Dyva - On Fire (Caldo Mix)
04. Alex Cundari & Brian Ice - Walkin (Zumbae)
05. Mirko Hirsch - Obsession
06. Mirko Hirsch - All Night Long
07. Fred Ventura & Andy Romano - I Want You Back (Extended)
08. Oxo - Keep On Living
09. Olegris - Wild But Quiet ( Instrumental )
10. Flexx - Theme From Deep (Alden Tyrell 2010 Rework)
11. Riccardo Campa - Desperado (Extended)
12. Marylinn - Only Mine (Solo Mio)
13. Tobias Bernstrup - Trannies At Night
14. Mirko Hirsch - Love Hurts (Vocal Version)
15. Mirko Hirsch - Fire
16. Susy - In My Mind
17. Siberian Heat - Flute Cries
18. Dyva - Clap Again
19. Miko Mission - Let It Be Love (Savino Mix)
20. Savage - Twothousandnine (Euro Maxi)
21. Mirko Hirsch - Pandora's Box
22. Galaxy Hunter - We Came From Space (Earth Version)
23. Mauro Farina - Mikrofisch (Pump The Subharmonics)
24. Mirko Hirsch - Turn Me One (Edited Version 2010)
25. Stage - I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind ( Dance Version)
26. Fred Ventura - When I Let You Down
27. Andy Romano - Don't Run Away (Extended Version)
28. Galaxy Hunter - More Then Anything
29. Roby & Claudia - I Love You (But Do You Love Me)
30. Antilles - You And Me (Album Version)

Размер файлов: 103,33 Mb
Скачано (раз): 122
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