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Magic Island - Music For Balearic People Vol. 6 (Mixed by Roger Shah)
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Magic Island - Music For Balearic People Vol. 6 (Mixed by Roger Shah) Сборник скачать торрент

Благодарностей: 5

Точный жанр, формат, год выпуска: Trance, Progressive, Balearic, 2015, FLAC
Разместил: Admin
Качество музыки: Lossless
Тип записи: Tracks + Image
Композиций (треков, песен): 36
Продолжительность: 5:47:06
Просмотрено: 2974 раза

01. Roger Shah & Aisling Jarvis - Call Me Home (Magic Island Mix) (6:20)
02. Brian Laruso & John James Renfrow - We Used to Know (Original Mix) (5:06)
03. Rogier Dulac - On the Beach (MI6 Edit) (4:25)
04. Othon - Japan Suite (Brian Laruso's MI6 Edit) (5:18)
05. Eve Belle & Brian Laruso - Solace (MI6 Edit) (5:05)
06. Raul Pablo Sanchez - Summa (Original Mix) (6:10)
07. Brian Laruso & Christian Drost - Lifeline (MI6 Edit) (5:20)
08. Jukebox 80s - Stronghold (MI6 Edit) (5:51)
09. Christian Drost - Colours Of Dawn (MI6 Edit) (6:04)
10. Sunlounger - Sunkissed (Magic Island Mix) (6:18)
11. Global Experience - Merina People (MI6 Edit) (4:55)
12. Bob Memphis - Castelldefels (MI6 Edit) (5:13)
13. Clarks - Navagio (MI6 Edit) (5:16)
14. Static Bloom - Blue Above My Head (Original Mix) (5:41)
15. CJ Seven - Pina Colada (MI6 Edit) (5:13)
16. Denis Sender - Ocean Dreams (MI6 Edit) (3:48)
17. Ari Kyle & Audioscape feat. Simon Latham - Last Day (Original Mix) (5:52)
18. Various Artists - Roger Shah - Magic Island Volume 6 (Continuous Mix 1) (78:11)
19. Zage feat. Ekatherina April - Summer Rain (MI6 Intro Edit) (5:20)
20. Roger Shah & Aisling Jarvis - When You're Here (MI6 Club Edit) (5:32)
21. Hamza Khammessi - Distant States (Original Mix) (6:57)
22. Dirkie Coetzee & Jan Johnston - Only The Beginning (Original Mix) (5:47)
23. Denis Sender - Shades Of Sunset ( Club Mix) (6:04)
24. Serge Macoveu - Hordaland (MI6 Edit) (6:07)
25. Black PearL - Bellagio (Roger Shah & Ralph Fritsch Original Mix) (6:34)
26. Alex Ender & Sergey Brodovsky - The Road Has No End (MI6 Edit) (4:11)
27. MST & Pacific Nation - Earth Above The Sun (MI6 Edit) (4:36)
28. Yodis - Monolog (MI6 Edit) (4:51)
29. Michael Flint & Stephanie Kay - Hide (Original Mix) (6:02)
30. Phil Dinner - Walking Away (MI6 Edit) (6:16)
31. Kim Svard - Xanadou (MI6 Edit) (5:57)
32. Max Roelse & Sunbrothers feat. Sarah Shields - Here With You (Uplifting Version) (6:04)
33. Michael Flint - Refraction (Original Mix) (6:33)
34. Ronny K. & Eddie Sender - Genesis Two (MI6 Edit) (5:24)
35. Pedro Del Mar & UDM - Boundless (MI6 Edit) (5:30)
36. Various Artists - Roger Shah - Magic Island Volume 6 (Continuous Mix 2) (79:15)

Размер файлов: 2,4 Gb
Скачано (раз): 290
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